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Bamboo flooring


What you should know about bamboo

Bamboo is considered a hardwood flooring type, but in essence, it can also be considered a grass, due to the construct of the plant. It’s a fast-growing, easily renewable resource, that easily earns an eco-friendly title among floor coverings. These floors are quickly gaining popularity on the market, especially among those looking to “go green”. But there are probably many things you may not have heard about this floor covering that we’d love to tell you about.

Washington Flooring takes pride in customer service, affordable prices and the fact that we can stick with you throughout your entire flooring experience. As a family-owned business, we know the importance of finding a floor covering that works for whatever your lifestyle is going to dish out. Serving the areas of Washington, Clinton, Hackettstown, Stewartsville, and Califon, our showroom is located in Washington, NJ. If you’ll stop by, we can show you our extensive line of floor coverings, from which we’re sure you’ll be able to pick the perfect match for your needs
Environment friendly bamboo floors in Washington NJ from Washington Flooring

Bamboo facts that aren’t common knowledge

Did you know that strand woven bamboo is actually three times harder than the oak species? That’s great news for the busiest of lifestyles, and means that the lifespan of your floors will really go the distance. When it comes to tensile strength, bamboo is even stronger than steel. It can actually resist being crushed by concrete.

If you’re worried about options, we can assure you that you’ll have plenty when it comes to this material. While natural is a great option for this floor covering, it can also be stained in the same way other solid wood flooring can. There are even options for the finish as well. For example, you can ask for hand scraped, or even wire brushed finish.

Much like engineered flooring, this material can be installed above or below grade, so the basement is definitely not off limits. You can even install it right over concrete, plywood and a variety of other subflooring. Thanks to this floorings' amazingly versatile personality, climate is no issue. It can work as perfectly in a desert home, as it can in one that is situated right on the beach.

These floors are super easy to clean and maintain. Simply use the hardwood attachment for your vacuum cleaner and a dry mop. Occasionally, it helps to use a cleaning solution made especially for hardwood floors, just to maintain that gorgeous look for many years to come.

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