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Get ready for installation

Here are some helpful get ready for installation tips from Washington Flooring

All furniture and fixtures need to be removed from the space prior to our arrival. Unless furniture moving service was purchased as a separate and unique line item, we need furniture to be absent upon our arrival. 

 Please be mindful that our mechanics are there to install floor covering and need access to the entire floor to conduct a proper installation.

 Many floor coverings come in large roll format, not allowing us to move in sections, so the space must be entirely free of furniture so we may properly fit, and/or stretch your material to ensure a professional installation.

Closets need 3 feet of vertical clearance. Hanging items may remain so long as they are not affixed to the floor. 

If furniture moving service has been purchased. Please have all personal items/breakables/electronics removed from furniture. Breakfronts and display cases must be clear & empty. Drawers should be empty or taped shut. Books from bookcases must be boxed up. We will move those boxes as part of your purchased furniture moving service. 

We do not disconnect/reconnect computers of peripherals, A/V equipment, cable connections.

Antiques, Pianos, Fishtanks, Grandfathers clocks, Wall Entertainment Systems, Gym equipment need to be cleared prior to our arrival.

Please be mindful that we will need a cleared entrance path to carry in large/heavy rolls. The most direct path from your entrance will be used. Please have items in the path moved & cleared to ensure your material can be transported safely to the room of installation. 

Resetting of toilets, water re-connections, ice-makers, and gas connections should be arranged with a plumber in advance. 

Should your doors require adjustment due to your new flooring please make arrangements with your carpenter or handyman.

While we take great care while in your home, minor abrasions and scoring to paint on door frames, walls and baseboards cannot be avoiding when trimming, and tucking flooring material. The act of trimming, and tucking carpet requires direct contact from the backing of the carpet to the wall/baseboard. Please anticipate some surface abrasion.

In order for our installers to do their best work, we ask that you NOT schedule other trades on the same day.

We will need electricity for our tools.

Please make arrangements to secure your pets during the installation.

Every installation is unique. Our primary objective is to make you happy with your installation. If you have any installation questions please ask in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.